The rabbit with the short tail – Don’t agonize over your defects.

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When the white rabbit first appeared in the animal kingdom, it immediately became the object of ridicule by other animals. It was because the white rabbit had a pitifully short little tail.
A yellow cow came up to the white rabbit, stood in front of it and said, “You little thing, look at my tail, it is long and practical, and it can drive away flies for me.” When the yellow bull finished, he threw his tail, the flies on his body scattered, and a few were killed.
“Good!” The animals all applauded. The white rabbit listened and just smiled calmly.
“You are about the same size as me, but our tails are so different.” The squirrel jumped in front of the white rabbit, curled up the long, fluffy tail, and said wistfully.
“Yes, your tails are too far apart. If we don’t look carefully with a magnifying glass, we really think the little white rabbit is a little monster without a tail.” After the fox finished, he and the squirrel laughed happily together.
The little white rabbit remained calm in the animals’ cynicism and never refuted anyone.
Later, the animal kingdom started a war with the aliens. With their advantages, the aliens surrounded the animal kingdom. At this critical moment in the survival of the animal kingdom, the Lion King ordered the three men, the Yellow Bull, the Squirrel and the White Rabbit, to stand out from the siege and ask the Jade Emperor for help.
The three took orders and tried to break out of the encirclement in the night, but the aliens discovered them. The aliens took torches and chased after them desperately. As the cattle ran, the tail continually fluttered; the aliens threw the torch at the cattle, and the torch lighted the cattle’s seat, and it rolled on the ground in pain, so the cattle became a prisoner of the aliens.
While running, the squirrel saw the situation and thought: “Oh my God, I have to hurry to find a hole in the ground to hide, or my tail will also be on fire or hide first.” The squirrel then heads into a hole in the roadside.
Regardless of their safety, the white rabbit let the torch from behind their whirring; still, cont-continuing runs forward.
“Now I’m safe. Hm, let the white rabbit alone to hell with it.” The squirrel was hiding in the hole in the ground, just beautiful thought here, but suddenly felt a massive pain in his tail; the original aliens caught up and found the squirrel exposed outside the hole tail. In this way, the squirrel was killed on the beautiful bottom he had been proud of.
The aliens continued to chase the rabbit, but always just a little distance. So, they also want to use the fire, the squirrel tail of the trick, to kill the rabbit, but they did not expect the rabbit’s seat to be short and small, not easy to be lit by the torch. In this way, the white rabbit safely escaped the aliens’ encirclement, brought in help and saved the whole animal kingdom.
Given the White Rabbit’s outstanding contribution to the animal kingdom, the Lion King awarded it the title of “Hero”, and the animals loved the White Rabbit.
Since then, all the animals have forgotten their short and ugly tails.
Carnegie once said: a defect, if born in a mediocre person, he will see it as a once-in-a-lifetime excuse, trying to use it to be lazy, forgiveness, cowardice; but if it grows in a person who has done something, he will not only use various methods to overcome it but also use it to do something extraordinary.
I hope those who are deeply distressed by their poor appearance and low self-esteem will be enlightened by these words, shake off their baggage and reshape a beautiful image.

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