The rabbit living a humdrum life – learning to reap satisfaction from the ordinary

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The white rabbit has been living a hardship by planting greens and radishes. On the other hand, the fox never goes to work in the field. I went to the farmer’s house today to take a chicken, and tomorrow to the shepherd to steal a sheep because I always eat meat, so I feel that the days have a taste.

One day, the fox visited the white rabbit and told the white rabbit what he usually ate. After hearing this, the white rabbit was envious of the life that the fox was leading. But he did not want to steal or rob, so he had to eat vegetables and radishes all year round.

When the fox said goodbye to the white rabbit, he said contemptuously, “You are so stupid! You deserve to work all your life and eat vegetation all your life.”

The fox, who thought he was smart, was starved to death in the winter because no food was stored in his house, and the snow had closed the mountains, so he could not go down to steal chickens and rob sheep.

The white rabbit died with vegetables and radishes, a lifetime of comfort and comfort; the fox, although he ate a lot of delicious food, ultimately starved to death.

So is life. You are willing to be ordinary and bland; you can harvest satisfaction, harvest happiness; your pursuit of excitement, the purpose of enjoyment, in the end, often ends up empty-handed.

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