The quarrelsome snake – it’s easy to argue and lose.

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Once upon a time, there was a snake whose head and tail was always at odds with each other. They always argued over who was essential and who was not and who should come first and who should come second.

One day, the head of the snake and the tail of the snake were arguing again.

The head of the snake said, “I am the most important. You see, I have ears to hear sounds, I have a mouth to eat, and I walk in front of you to clear the way, so I am the most important, I am the most important.”

The snake’s tail said, “Humph! That is I let you walk in front, you can walk in front. If I wrap myself around the wood three times and don’t let you go forward, what can you do? If I do not let go for three days, you can not go looking for food, even if you have a mouth, what is the use of it? I’m afraid you’re not far from death, right? Who do you think is important and who should be the most important between us?”

When the snake’s head heard the tail’s arguments, he said helplessly to the tail.

“Alas! Don’t wrap your head around a log, since you said so, even if you are important, let you be the big one, let you be the main one. However, since you are the main, you have to walk in front and I will walk behind you.”

The tail was so happy to hear this; it shook its spirit and gathered all its strength to drag the snake head forward to crawl.

Who knows that there is a fire pit not far ahead? The tail did not grow eyes, did not crawl a few steps and fall into the fire pit. The snake, regardless of its head and tail, turned into ashes in a short time.

From then on, they will never have to quarrel.

Under the quarrel, there is no permanent winner. In this world, each person has their importance; each has its unique role. If you emphasize your role and ignore others, you will lose both. The most sensible approach is to respect each person’s individuality, recognize each person’s strengths, mutual humility, and mutual understanding. Only in this way can we get along peacefully and ensure everyone’s peace. Those who like to quarrel will not only bring trouble to others but sometimes bring misfortune to themselves.

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