The Proud Fawn – Those who enjoy the glory often eat the bitter fruit alone

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At the track and field meet held in the animal kingdom, the fawn won the long-distance running championship. When he stood on the high podium with the trophy, all the news reporters’ flashes were directed at the rising “star” on the track and field. At that moment, the deer felt so good that when a reporter asked him how he felt at that moment, the deer blurted out. “I’m so happy, I don’t think about anything but the excitement.”

After the coach and his teammates on the stage heard this, the smiles on their faces disappeared, and they even stopped clapping for the deer.

The next day, the coach refused to take the fawn to train again because of his old age and infirmity, and his teammates gradually distanced themselves from him.

Later, the fawn’s name never appeared on the list of champions; it was like a shooting star, shining for a while and then disappearing forever.

A person can often easily succeed because he stands on the shoulders of giants. Just like the fawn, the reason it won the championship is inseparable from its coach’s strict requirements and scientific training, as well as the selfless help and encouragement given by its teammates, all of which are the cornerstones of its road to the championship. But after winning the prize, the deer forgot about its coach and teammates and enjoyed the honor alone. Its coach and teammates want to share the joy and happiness of success.

Here, it would help if you remembered that in the future when you have the honor, don’t forget to thank your boss who has given you the opportunity and your colleagues who have helped you; when you share the glory with them, you will not swallow the bitter fruit alone like the deer.

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