The Pottery Jar and the Iron Jar – Peace and Forbearance

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A long time ago, there were two jars in the king’s royal kitchen, one of pottery and the other of iron. The iron jar had a few experiences of falling on the floor, but it was intact. The pottery jar, on the other hand, stayed in the innermost part of the cupboard all day, so the proud tin jar despised the pottery jar and often taunted it.
“Don’t you dare touch me, brother Pottery Pot?” The tin can asked arrogantly.
“I dare not, brother tin.” The humble pot replied.
“I knew you wouldn’t dare, cowardly thing!” The tin can said, displaying an even more contemptuous look.
“It is true that I dare not touch you, but it cannot be called cowardice.” The clay pot argued, “We were born to hold things, and not to bump into each other. I’m not necessarily worse than you at fulfilling our proper task.”
“Shut up!” The tin can growled, “How dare you compare yourself with me! You wait; in a few days, you will break into pieces and disappear, while I will always be here, not afraid of anything.”
“Why do you say that?” The pottery jar said, “It is better for us to live together in harmony.”
“I’m ashamed to be with you, what are you.” The tin can said, “We’ll see, one day I will touch you to pieces.”
And with that, the pottery jar stopped paying attention to the tin jar.
Time passed, and many things happened in the world; the dynasty fell, the palace collapsed, and the two jars were left in the lonely meadow. History covered them with trash and dust, century after century.
One day, many years later, a group of archaeologists came here, dug through the thick soil, and found the jars.
“Yo, there’s a jar in here!” One man said in surprise.
“Really, a clay pot!” The others shouted happily.
Everyone picked up the jar, brushed the clay off, scrubbed it clean, and it was precisely the same as it had been in the imperial kitchen: plain, beautiful, and shiny.
“What a beautiful jar!” A man said, “Be careful not to break it, it’s ancient and valuable.”
“Thank you!” The pottery jar said excitedly, “My brother tin jar is next to me, please dig it out too, it must be suffocating enough.”
People immediately started, turning over and over, digging all over the earth. But there was no sign of the tin can.
Iron can; I do not know in what age, has been wholly oxidized, long gone without a trace.

This parable tells us that others have their talents, and you have yours. Blind comparison will either make you presumptuous or make you become inferior and self-hating. Comparing is not the same as being aggressive and competitive, just as life is not the same as chasing after fame and fortune. My friend, you may as well rest in peace and abundance, appreciate what you have, and enjoy your own happy life.

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