The philosophy of survival of a shortcake – not to be overjoyed in front of gains and losses

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On the grass, a shitcracker pushes a ball of dung and hurries toward home. Although the grass is uneven, the shitcaster doesn’t care, making it much faster than its kind; obviously, the shitcaster is happy.
A thorn that stretched out onto the road was particularly conspicuous on the shitter’s way home, and this thorn had a sharp thorn on it, which became a roadblock on this road. The shitter overlooked the danger; it continued to concentrate and happily push the dung ball, forward, forward ……
Perhaps it is the arrangement in the dark, not partial, the dung ball that the shortcake pushed at once stuck in that thorn.
However, it seems that the shithead did not find himself in trouble. When the shithead pushed forward for a while and saw no movement, it moved backward again, but it still didn’t work. The shitter also drove away the surrounding dirt and tried to push from the side – it thought of all the ways it could, but the ball of dung remained deeply rooted in the thorn, without any sign of coming out.
At this point, a passerby just happened to see all this, and he couldn’t help but be amused by the perseverance of the turd, for such a humble and intellectually insignificant animal is unable to solve such a significant “problem.”
As the passerby laughed at him and waited to see how he would leave in frustration after his failure, the poster suddenly went around to the other side of the ball of dung, and with a gentle push, the stubborn ball of dung “got out” of the thorn.
The turd had won!
There was no cheering after the victory, nor a lot of emotion after the struggle. After winning, it was as if nothing had just happened. It barely stopped and pushed the ball of dung forward in a hurry.
The passerby was stunned and suddenly realized that he was not as good as the shithead in some ways. For example, when he was in trouble, he was full of complaints; once he had achieved something, he would cheer everywhere, while the poop-shelled man was not frightened by the setback, not happy after the relief.
In terms of intelligence and emotional intelligence, suitcases are far inferior to human beings. Still, the attitude of bags in solving problems that suddenly appear in life is worth learning from everyone. Although it does not know how to win or lose, it understands the truth that it is a life that can be pushed through and a life that cannot be pushed through.
It can be seen that the so-called pain and trouble of human beings are primarily self-inflicted. Life initially does not give people these negative emotions, and the reason why we will show great joy and sorrow in front of the gains and losses is not a wise thing.

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