The Open-minded Fawn – Some words should be “in the ear but not in the heart.”

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In the morning meeting of the animal kingdom, the deer offered the lion king a plan to revitalize the economy of the animal kingdom. After hearing this, the lion king found it valuable and feasible and admonished the animals.

“You are important officials of the court, but many of you only care about your own personal interests, never put the country’s important matters in mind, in the future, you should learn from Fawn, take the country’s affairs as your own, and always think more for the country!”

“Obey the decree!” The ministers hurriedly kneeled.

“Hmph, just know how to kiss ass!” The seal whispered from behind because he was jealous of the fawn in his heart.

“How dare you! What are you talking about?” The lion king slapped the dragon case and said with an angry face.

“I …… I ……” Seeing that what he had just said had been heard by the Lion King, the seal was so frightened that he knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing.

“Respected king, I am closest to the seal, did not hear what it said ah?” The fawn came forward and said.

“It’s just that today, for the sake of the deer for you, I forgive you for the time being.” The lion king said in anger.

After the court, tigers, elephants and other ministers surrounded Fawn and said, “We all heard the seal say bad things about you, but why did you still plead for him in front of the Lion King?”

“I really didn’t hear what the seal said.” The fawn smiled and said to the ministers.

“But your ears are not deaf!” The elephant pursued.

“Indeed, my ears are not deaf, but the seal’s words only entered my ears, not my heart. So, I am equal to not hearing the words it said.”

In life, not many people can say something against themselves to others “in their ears but not in their hearts”. That’s why we should ask ourselves to try to do this. Because “pretending to be deaf” can exchange for peace, it can avoid the loss of both! And in the absence of smoke, you can win the final victory.

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