The old monkey’s advice – big things also start from small things.

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The peaches on Mount were ripe.
The old monkey said to the little monkey, “Son, tomorrow you and I will go pick peaches together.”
“No, dad, I vow to do something big. How can I do something as small as picking peaches?”
After a few days, the old monkey said to the little monkey again, “Son, today you go with me to cut firewood. There is not much firewood left in the house.”
“No, father, my dream is to be a great scholar. How can I go to do something as trivial as chopping wood?”
When autumn came, the old monkey again said to the young monkey.
“Son, today you will go with me to harvest corn.”
“No, father, I wish to be the Monkey King of Mount Hague. How can I do such a small thing as harvesting corn?”
“Son, you refuse to do even these small things. Can you do great things in the future?” The old monkey said sternly to the little monkey.
The desert comprises grains of sand, the sea is made up of drops of water, and countless successful small things accumulate great things. A person who is not even willing to do small things, how can he do something big and amazing?
From now on, you should not underestimate every little thing at hand. In doing each small something, being serious, and giving 100 percent effort, you will have the capital to do great things when a small success accumulates.

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