The Old Man and the Bear – It’s Dangerous to Make Stupid Friends

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A bear lived in the deep woods and lived a lonely and miserable life without any friends all year round. Not far from him, there lived an older man who loved flowers and trees but was tired of his lonely life because he had no object to communicate his feelings.

One day, the older man came out to look for a friend, and the bear with the same purpose just came down the mountain. They met on the mountain path, and the old man was afraid in his heart and was prepared to avoid it when the bear politely asked, “Are you here to see me?”

“Yes, friend, I would like to invite you to my house for a casual meal. There is milk and fruit at home, which may not be to your taste, but I will try to find something suitable for you to eat.” The older man replied carefully.

The bear gladly accepted the older man’s invitation and followed him, heading for his house. In the short journey, the two of them became good friends.

When they arrived at the older man’s house, they were close. Because the bear was silent, the older man was able to concentrate on his work in an undisturbed environment. The bear goes out every day to hunt and bring back the prey. It also has a critical task: to help the older man get rid of the flies on his face while asleep.

This day, the older man was sleeping soundly a fly stung the tip of his nose; the bear tried everything to get rid of the fly, so he was a little angry.

“I have to clean you up today!” As soon as the words left his mouth, the bear picked up a stone and smashed it against the fly. The fly died; however, the older man’s head also opened up and he died on the spot.

Although the bear was a faithful friend, it had no brain, so the older man died because of the bear’s good intentions.
To make friends, you have to make faithful friends, but faithfulness alone is still not enough; if he does not have an intelligent mind, sometimes he will be as dangerous as the enemy. Therefore, you need to take a little precaution for such friends to avoid unfortunate accidents.

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