The old goat’s philosophy of love – don’t put too much pressure on your partner.

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In the forest, the little rabbit had her beloved boyfriend, but she was afraid that she would lose him one day. Therefore, it went to ask the old goat for advice.
“Grandpa Goat, how can I grasp love so it will always be mine?”
The old goat did not answer the little rabbit’s question immediately but squatted down and picked up a handful of sand from the ground.
“Look, kid, what is in my hand?” The old goat asked with a smile.
“Old grandpa, you are holding a hand full of sand!”
“Oh, you look more carefully.” The old goat said, the force will be clenched hands, sand immediately from its fingers slipped down. When the old goat opened his hand, the original writing, that handful of sand, had very little left.
“Old grandpa, I understand.” The little rabbit looked at the sand in the old goat’s hand and said.
Love does not need to be grasped deliberately, just like the sand in your hand. The more you try to hold on to it, the more it slips away from your hands. But when you hold it with your heart, take care of it, treat it with tolerance, and don’t put any pressure on it, it will be round and full in your hand.

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