The old goat who knows how to enjoy himself – thoroughly enjoying his life now

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At the party of the animal kingdom, elephants, tigers, boars, etc., holding glasses of wine, sat around together and enthusiastically discussed some of the day’s hottest topics. The attentive old goat found the fox sitting alone in a corner with a gloomy face staring out the window.
The old goat went over with a glass of wine and greeted the fox: “Man, in the face of such a good wine, you do not drink and sing, but here alone in a daze, is there something on your mind?”
“Oh, no, I don’t have anything on my mind.” The fox said in a low voice.
“Is there anyone who is having a hard time with you tonight?”
“No, everyone is very friendly.”
“Then why don’t you join everyone in celebrating this wonderful moment?”
“I’m not in the mood, because I’m worried about the traffic jam on the way home later.”
“But it is far more important to enjoy this moment than to worry about the next!” The goat said, pulling the fox into the dance floor.

Learning to enjoy the here and now is a lesson you must know! Sadly, many of us are always postponing our joy – just like this fox. Only by enjoying the present to the fullest will life not be spent in vain with needless worry.
Step away from sorrow and worry and learn to appreciate and love the life you already have, and you will feel unparalleled joy and contentment.

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