The old goat and the lion fight for wisdom – it is better to make people thank you than to make them need you.

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The old goat is the prophet of the animal kingdom because its prophecies are often confirmed. Therefore, the old goat enjoys a high reputation in the animal kingdom.

The lion king was worried that the old goat would threaten his position, in the long run, so he decided to find a reason to put him to death.

One day, the lion king decided to summon the old goat to see him. Before that, the Lion King ordered the tigers and wolves to ambush the palace in advance, using high five as a signal. When they heard the high-five, the tigers and wolves rushed together and bit the old goat.

The old goat came in response to the call. The lion king was ready to clap the occasion and suddenly stopped; it wanted to ask the last question before killing the old goat, but it was not too late.

“You claim to understand astrology and can divine the fate of others, so please tell me, what is your future fate, how long you can live?” The Lion King asked the old goat.

“I will have untold wealth and prosperity, and will die the day before the king’s death.” The old goat stroked the long beard on his chin and replied with a smile.

In the face of the old goat’s answer, the lion king was stunned for a while and finally waved his hand and let the old goat go back.

Afterwards, the lion king sent the royal doctor Woodpecker to care for the old goat’s health and generously gave it many gold and silver treasures. The lion king even prayed for the old goat every day, hoping it would live well because only then could it live longer.

A wise person always prefers others to need him rather than let others thank him. Because others will remember it only when they ask for it, and words of thanks are fleeting. Therefore, if you can constantly improve yourself in life and work so that others feel you are irreplaceable, you are already close to success.

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