The old blacksmith who works with a Conscience–Be a man of Conscience.

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Once upon a time, an old blacksmith was a sincere man. He did not say a word of false and never failed to keep his promises. This honesty is reflected in the work he did. He built iron precisely as the buyer requested, never cutting corners. Sometimes the buyer does not have any special requirements; he will make the iron good and robust. In particular, the iron chain he made was more robust than any other family made. A passing god saw it and said, “You are too honest, why don’t you save some time and raw materials and make an ordinary iron chain for them?”

“No, my conscience won’t allow me to do that!” The blacksmith said.

“Haha, Conscience? Who works with Conscience nowadays! If you talk about Conscience, you will suffer.” After God said that, he went away.
But the old blacksmith did not care about this; he still always worked meticulously.

Once, the old blacksmith built a vast chain, beaten and shipped on the deck of a giant sea ship; the main anchor chain, the vast ship sailing the ocean for many years, did not have the opportunity to use it.

Until one night, a storm broke out on the sea, and the wind was so high that the ship might be washed onto the rocks and crushed at any time. The other iron anchors on the ship were put down, and – the point did not work; those chains are made of paper and can not withstand the wind and waves, and all broke. Finally, the captain ordered to throw the main anchor overboard.

The vast chain slipped from the ship into the sea for the first time, and the whole ship looked at it nervously to see if the chain could withstand the wind and waves. The safety of the ship’s more than a thousand passengers is tied to this chain. Suppose the old blacksmith was a little sloppy in building this chain; as long as the chain’s thousands of iron rings if there were any one-ring problems, the ship would be in danger of sinking into the sea. But the old blacksmith built this chain, and he built countless other chains with the same dedication, with all his heart and strength, so the chain withstood the test of the wind and waves. The ship was saved until the storm passed and the dawn came.

The destination of the giant sea ship was the harbour where the old blacksmith was. The ship’s captain, who had escaped the disaster, went to the old blacksmith to express his gratitude.

After hearing the words of thanks from the captain, the old blacksmith calmly said, “I am only doing my part in good conscience.”

Throughout life, those who live happily are not people with Conscience because when a person has a conscience, he will do things with Conscience, he will have a sense of justice, and he will have a good character.

There is an Indian who said to people: “Conscience is something like a triangle, hidden in the chest, and its angle is sharp. When we initially do something against our Conscience and bury our Conscience, this sharp angle will stimulate us and make us feel pain in our hearts, but after a long time, when sin deepens and we see evil, this angle of Conscience will gradually wear to blunt and round. Our Conscience no longer feels it. That is the time when sin is so great and unstoppable that it finally buries or loses the Conscience.”

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