The Mouse Who Fell into the Rice Jar – Be Wary of the Real Traps in Life

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One night, a female mouse accidentally fell into a half-full rice jar. It naturally would not let go of this “blessing” that came flying. Of course, it is still very important to maintain the necessary vigilance. It also painfully remembers that the last time its three children were all killed, they were greedy for the corn cobs in the culvert. Just from the sadness of the gods this time it has an extra eye, first with the tongue to lick the surface of the rice grains, a few hours later, found themselves no signs of poisoning but secretly laughed at themselves a little too much worry. The next female mouse is naturally a full meal after eating and falling asleep.
Unknowingly, the abundance of food and clothing for a long time. Sometimes she wanted to jump out and forget about it, but once she thought of so much good white rice, her mouth would be itching. One day, it found the bottom of the rice jar; it felt that the height of the rice jar was now difficult to reach, and the heart could not help but panic. Because it realized: the natural result of this only two either the owner of the rice was killed or slowly starved to death in the tank.
You can think of it this way, for this mouse, this half of the jar of rice is a touchstone placed by God in the path of its life. If the mouse wants to take it all for himself, the price is to pay for his life. And the mouse can escape from the height of the tank can be called “the height of life,” and this height is in the hands of the mouse.
From this story, we will get this inspiration: human beings will also make the same mistakes as this mouse, often only paying attention to the traps with obvious signs but not knowing that the traps without signs are deadly.

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