The monkey celebrates his birthday – the desire for quick success is not enough

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The little monkey on the eastern mountain decided to go to Mount Huaguo to celebrate the birthday of the monkey king in order not to delay the trip; on its way to the wind, food and sleep, dare not have the slightest slack.
One day, the monkey bought a burrito on the roadside. It did not sit down to eat but ate while rushing to save time. It didn’t think that when it lowered its head to bite the burrito, its feet were tripped by a stone, the monkey fell heavily to the ground, and the hairless place on its buttocks was broken into flesh and skin. This time, the monkey wanted to get to Mount Huaguo a little earlier was not possible. It had to cover the injured buttocks, step by step, trembling, slowly walking to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits. Speaking of efficiency is necessary, but the premise of high efficiency is to pay attention to the scientific method in an orderly manner. Monkey’s encounter will prove this truth.
Before doing a thing, if you do not make careful arrangements, you will be in a hurry, but it will be wrong. Everything goes with the flow, does not force, and does not rush to success. It is easier to succeed.

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