The merchant and the pine tree – knowing kindness should be rewarded.

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Several merchants were on their way under the scorching sun on a hot summer day.

When they were uncomfortably hot, they saw a pine tree by the roadside, and under it was a sizeable shady place. Several business people rushed to the shade of the tree to take advantage of the cool. After a while, the body sweat will all dry and feel calm.

One merchant looked up at the pine tree and said.

“This tree is so big, it must have grown for many years. Next time we come, bring an axe, cut it down and make it into furniture, it will surely sell for a lot of money.”

“What a good idea!” Another merchant went on to say.

“I don’t think we need to wait for the next time, why don’t we act today, I’ll go to the nearby farmers to borrow an axe, there should be no problem.”

Just when the merchant finished, ready to get up to borrow an axe, they heard the pine tree’s angry curses: “Fie, you heartless guys, while enjoying my grace, but think of ways to calculate me, simply bad!”

The merchants listened, and sweat broke out on their bodies.

In real life, there are many people similar to business people. In the company, some bosses in the enterprise to obtain good results, always overemphasize the factors of their efforts, and forget to give him help people; in some families, some young people have established their own small families, moved into the three-bedroom apartment just bought, and left their parents in a small bungalow, completely forget their parents to raise their kindness, and even blame their parents did not leave their own what family money.

Every successful person has received more or less help from others. Therefore, you should always thank those who have helped you instead of thinking of hurting each other after getting help.
Next time, when you enjoy the kindness of others, you must be grateful and know how to repay the service instead of having evil thoughts and harming others for your selfish interests.

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