The merchant and the farmer – luck sometimes hides behind the trouble

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One day, when the merchant saw a farmer ploughing his field, he went up and prepared to talk with him for a while.

When the farmer saw the businessman greeting himself, he hurriedly stopped his work and took out a cigarette and offered it to the businessman.

The merchant reached out to take the cigarette simultaneously but suddenly found the cow swinging restlessly. He took a closer look and saw a huge gadfly stinging under the cow’s abdomen, sucking blood. God hurriedly stretched out his hand and tried to kill the gadfly.
The farmer stopped him and said, “Dear merchant, you must not kill it. You know, it is because of the gadfly’s bite that the old cow did not lie down but kept moving.”

Everything has a good side and holds something beautiful. It all depends on the mindset you use to look at it. Before you try to get rid of the annoying people and troublesome things, you may want to quietly and carefully think about it, it is not difficult to find that behind those annoying people and troublesome things, in fact, there may be hidden good luck that affects your life.

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