The Magpie of Tolerance – Character is Passage

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There was a plague in the bird kingdom. After Dr. Woodpecker’s investigation, it turned out that the mountain eagle couple went to the village down the hill and stole a chicken from the farmer’s house. And at that time, the town was epidemic, and the chicken that the mountain eagle couple stole was undoubtedly infected with the plague.
As a result of the theft by the mountain eagle couple, the birds were also infected with the plague. Seeing many birds dying from the plague, the healthy birds were furious. They surrounded the mountain eagle’s home and tried to kill the family as punishment.
At that moment, the magpie suddenly found the son of the mountain eagle couple also in the middle of the siege. He told them, “Wait a minute, let their son go first. I know this little eagle. Unlike its parents, this little eagle often protects other birds such as chickens and crows from persecution by foxes and other wild animals. Therefore, we should release it.”
After hearing the magpie’s words, the birds released the son of the mountain eagle couple and swarmed around it, vying to embrace it and thank it for the help it had once given to the other birds.
Later, the mountain eagle couple died in the attack of the hundred birds. On the other hand, their son was embraced by the birds as their king because of his high moral character.
What qualities do you have, and what kind of life will you have? Virtue is the capital of the world, a morally corrupt person, no matter how “smart” he is, how well versed in the world, will only gain power for a while, but never for life. Although the days are a bit indifferent, the “honest” people who keep their place will eventually be recognized and rewarded by society, and indifferent days will be long, only to be safe.
Good character is a pass. No matter where you are, unhindered can be popular.

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