The Love of Two Turtles – A Life Faithful to Love is a Perfect Life

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In the East China Sea, a young sea turtle couple lived by catching some small fish and shrimp. Although the days are hard, the young couple’s feelings are very good. They always love each other so that the neighbors envy them.
Later, the East Sea Dragon King launched a war against the West Sea, and Mr. Turtle was drafted into the military. However, the war ended with the defeat of the East Sea Dragon King. However, the sea turtle did not return home with the remnants. It is said to have died on the battlefield, and some say it became a prisoner of the Dragon King of the West Sea, who saw it as brave and resourceful and loved it so much that he made it a great general of the West Sea.
In the face of various rumors and temptations, the sea turtle’s wife is always quiet as water because she believes that her husband, no matter the circumstances, will not betray their love. Time flies, time flies, and when youth has passed, wrinkles creeping across the forehead, the sea turtle’s wife realizes that she had unknowingly spent 40 years thinking about her husband.
One day, when the turtle’s wife was shrimping on the beach, she suddenly found a turtle slowly crawling toward her.
“Honey, is that you?” The turtle suddenly shouted at it.
“Yes, my dear, you are finally back!” The turtle’s wife greeted her husband and embraced him.
“Do you still live alone?” When he returned home after 40 years of absence, Mr. Turtle couldn’t help but ask when he saw that the house was still the same as it was before he went to war.
“Yes, I’m sure you’ll come back.” The sea turtle’s wife said, “Are you doing well in the West Sea? I heard that the Dragon King of the West Sea had forced you to marry the Turtle Chancellor’s daughter?”
“Yes, to keep my heart, they not only gave me a high official position but also tried to give me the Turtle Chancellor’s daughter in marriage, but I refused the latter. When I first agreed to be their general, I wanted to survive and live to return to you. This time, when the Dragon King of the Western Sea saw that I had not shown any signs of escape for 40 years, he asked me to lead the troops stationed at the customs, and I was able to have the opportunity to sneak back.”
“But, you returned home. No official position, no more glory, and wealth can only live with me by catching small fish and shrimp.”
“I know, but I do not regret it because, in this world, no one and nothing is more precious than our love, more worthy of my life to exchange!”
Forty years of separation, thousands of rivers and mountains, the sea and the sea did not separate the deep love between the chaff couple. Whether poor or rich, they watch over their love and are faithful to their passion.
The sea turtle couple’s fidelity to love has taught us humans a vivid lesson – whether poor or rich, a life of faithfulness to love is a beautiful life.

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