The lost kangaroo – do not put hope in others.

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At dusk, a kangaroo got lost in a prairie in Australia. It was getting late, and it looked like darkness was about to fall over it. The fear of darkness and danger was approaching step by step.
Kangaroo hearts understand: as long as they step off, there is a deep hole into the swamp may, lurking in the grass of hungry beasts watching their movement. Kangaroos at this time felt an unprecedented fear.
Suddenly, the kangaroo found a small rabbit in front of itself; it could not help but leap for joy, busy forward to greet: “Dear little rabbit, I’m lost, you can help me out of this piece of grass?”
“I am also trying to leave this dangerous place, you just follow me and walk together.” The bunny said to it in a friendly way.
The kangaroo followed the bunny and kept walking and walking and walking. The kangaroo suddenly found itself back around the same place, not out of the danger zone at all. It was understood that the bunny was lost, just like him. So, the disappointed kangaroo left the same lost bunny and walked alone toward the front.
Soon, the kangaroo ran into the giraffe again. The giraffe said it had a precise map to escape from the grassland. So, the kangaroo again put its hope for survival on the giraffe.
It followed the giraffe with great joy. When he was exhausted, he had not yet reached the end of the grassland. The kangaroo couldn’t help but ask for the map in the giraffe’s hand, and after looking at it carefully, he realized that the map was a regional map of a pasture in New Zealand. Once again, the kangaroo was disappointed and left the giraffe.
The kangaroo walked aimlessly in the grassland. The fear and disappointment along the way made it lose the courage and confidence to get out of the park. So, it gave up all hope, lying dejectedly on the table, waiting for the fate of God’s arrangements.
Inadvertently, when the kangaroo put his hand in his pocket, he found a map of the grassland his father had left him.
The kangaroo smiled with a realization: the real road is in itself. However, in the past, they always put hope in others but ignored the most important – back to their search.
The road is under your own feet! Like this kangaroo, everyone is born with an inner map to guide you out of the prairie full of dangers. But the premise is that you should not always put your hope in others because the real savior is often yourself.

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