The Lonely Fawn – Talking to others in a proper way

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One day, at a gala in the animal kingdom, the fawn said to the elephant who was dancing.
“Hey, old man, you are not fit to dance! Because you are too tall, just like a giant, clumsy, who wants to be your partner?”

After listening to the deer, the elephant stopped dancing, turned around, and walked away.

The deer made a fool, so it turned to the zebra again and said.

“Hey, the striped dress you’re wearing looks great, but it’s a waste on you. Because you’re so fat, this outfit looks like a gaudy cloth wrapped around a barrel on you.”

After hearing this, the zebra also walked away in anger.

Later, the fawn had almost no more friends.

People should speak the truth, but the truth is not necessarily “straight talk”; too blunt words, such as a sharp sword while hurting others but also will stab themselves.

Therefore, telling the truth should also pay attention to the method, to pay attention to the skills. Do not only consider their own unspoken, without considering the position of others, ideas, character, and feelings. When you have to speak, you have to talk in a roundabout and polite way. Only in this way are others willing to listen, willing to accept, and be ready to correct.

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