The little rag-picker pig – see his occupation correctly.

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On the main street, a little fragrant pig carrying a bamboo basket makes a living by collecting rags.
“Hey, come with me. As long as you will stay quietly in my house, I will have my servants bathe you every day and prepare sumptuous food for you.” A gentleman-like middle-aged man said to the little scented pig.
“Then you’ll put a leash on me, tie it to one of the poles, and then show off to your friends: how I’m your faithful pet. Right, sir?” The little scented pig finished, picked up his bamboo basket, and ignored the gentleman no more.
“You don’t know what you’re doing. My master is a count. Follow him, you will have endless glory and wealth ……” said a pug, following the gentleman’s buttocks to the little pig.
“And you can chew his leftover bones, can’t you?” The little scented pig interrupted the pug.
“Are you going to spend your life picking up scraps? That’s the lowest kind of work!” The little pug mocked.
“The piglet feeds itself through its hard work, and it is much nobler than some people who depend on others to survive.” An older man passing by said.
People who feed themselves through their hard work will always deserve the respect of others. On the contrary, some “easy to earn a lot of money” businesses, but behind the sky, may lurk a big trap. Many facts of modern society prove this.

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