The Lion vs. the Rabbit – The Weak Have Their Place

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In the forest, a rabbit was foraging for food. A lion hiding behind a huge boulder was not far from the rabbit. When the lion noticed that the rabbit was concentrating on eating grass, he quietly stood up and stalked behind the rabbit through the cover of the grass. The rabbit was nibbling on the grass with great interest and did not feel the danger behind him.
The lion suddenly jumped up in the air; the rabbit realized that the danger had come to them; it instinctively dodged to the side to avoid the lion’s attack.
After the first round failed, the lion turned around again and pounced on the rabbit. Seeing this, the rabbit spread its four legs and fled into a bush. The lion followed suit, but catching prey in the bush is not the lion’s forte. The lion turned around several times inside the bush, but never saw the rabbit’s shadow, so he roared a few times and left the bush in frustration.
The lion is strong, and the rabbit is weak, but sometimes the lion can’t catch the rabbit! This shows that there is no absolute strong and weak in the animal world, but only relative strong and weak.
The same is true in life. Some people’s “strength” in a certain area will not necessarily threaten their “weakness” and their “strength” your “strength “A comparison, it is possible to become “weak.” Therefore, if people know what is strong and what is weak, and what is strong and what is weak, they can actively face the weakness of others with their strength so that they can change from the weak to the strong.

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