The Lion Turns into a Donkey – Don’t Label Yourself a Failure

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In the forest, the lion was sleeping heavily. A passing god saw it and decided to play a joke on it, so he hung a tag on its tail with the word “donkey,” a number, a date, and a signature next to it.

When the lion woke up, he was very annoyed. What to do? Where to start? This number must have some origins. You will inevitably be held responsible if you tear off the label privately.

So, the lion decided to remove the label legally, and it came to the middle of the beast full of anger.

“Am I a lion?” It questioned excitedly.

“You are a lion,” the fox replied slowly, “but according to the law, I think you are a donkey!”

” How can I be a donkey? I never eat hay! If I am not a lion, just ask a wild boar.”

“You have the appearance of a lion, no doubt,” said the boar, “but I can’t say whether you are a lion or not!” “Stupid ass! Why don’t you say anything?” The flustered lion began to roar, “Do I look like you? Bastard! I never sleep in the barn!”

The donkey thought for a moment and gave his opinion: “You are not a donkey, but you are no longer a lion either!”

The lion vainly pursued the questioning, lowering itself to the ground; it begged the goat to testify, explained to the tiger, and asked for help from its own family. There was no lack of sympathy for the lion, but no one dared to tear away the label.
The emaciated lion changed his appearance, making way for this one and giving that one a flash. One morning, from the lion’s den, suddenly came the cry of a donkey, “Uh-ah.”

The lion in the fable did not believe in himself but repeatedly asked others for proof, so he finally lost his true nature. In life, there are many people similar to this lion, who are always easily swayed by the words and actions of others, afraid to affirm themselves, and then doubt themselves and deny themselves.

It does not matter what others say about you; what is important is that you see yourself correctly, believe in yourself and affirm yourself. You can only be the best version of yourself while maintaining your true nature.

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