The Lion King’s Trouble – Give Love to Be Happy

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One day, the Lion King said to God, “Although I am the king of all animals, I can get the wind and the rain when I want it. However, I have never experienced happiness.”
“Is that so?” God said to the lion king, “Then stand by the window and look at the world outside.”
The Lion King went to the window.
“May I ask what you see?” God asked.
“Crowds of people coming and going, and all of them with smiles on their faces, as if they were all happy.” The Lion King replied.
When God heard this, he took another mirror, put it in front of the lion, and then asked him what he saw.
“I see myself, looking sullen and unhappy.” The lion king said.
“Mere glass lets you see the beauty of others and the world, while silver-plated glass only lets you see yourself; it is money and power that block the eyes of your mind. You only know how to keep your gold and silver, but you do not know how to show kindness to others, so you will never experience happiness.” God said.
Money is important, but one cannot be a slave to it! If you truly want your world to become a paradise and your life full of happiness, you must learn to help others and bring your benevolence to them. Only in this way can you reap the joy and experience happiness while wielding your passion.

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