The Lion King’s Meeting – Getting to the Point of Things

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One day, the Lion King was holding an important meeting. The little monkey suddenly barged in in a panic.
“You son of a bitch! Why did you barge in without reporting? Can’t you see we have an urgent meeting?” The Lion King growled to show his majesty in front of the ministers.
“Great …… King, the vegetable shed at the foot of the mountain is on fire.” The little monkey said on their breath.
The lion king then saw that the little monkey was burnt off a lot of hair all over his body. “Is the fire big?” The lion king rushed to ask.
“Big …… big, if not quickly organized to rescue, the shed will be burned to the ground in the blink of an eye and is planting vegetables in the shed of goats, rabbits, and so on have not come out yet.”
“I know, you go down.” The lion dynasty monkey waved his hand, turned to the ministers, and said, “You all heard it just now. The vegetable shed is on fire. This time the cause of the fire is definitely due to management loopholes again, the same as the cause of the last fire. Remember, the last fire brought us serious economic losses and heavy casualties! Therefore, I now decide that the theme of today’s meeting is temporarily changed to ‘how to reduce fires,’ and everyone must speak and give their opinions and suggestions. First of all, I would like to invite the fire brigade to speak with the big elephant ……”
When the ministers have their own opinions and suggestions to fight, and the lion king does not know whose opinion is the most correct in the end, the fire has long burned out all the vegetable shed.
After the fire was extinguished, the monkeys found the charred bodies of goats, rabbits, etc., in the ashes.
In daily work, we can not face only one thing, but an ideal procedure should be to consider the priorities first and then the trivial stuff. The only way you can avoid the goat the white rabbit tragedy repeated.

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