The Lion King Recruits a Son-in-Law – Choosing a Spouse, Character OverLooks

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The Lion King posted a notice and decided to recruit a son-in-law for his daughter through a tournament. Lions from all over the country knew the news and rushed to the front of the king’s palace to sign up, vowing to win the princess’s heart by defeating their opponents in the ring.
The ring was located on the lawn in front of the palace. The first to take the field was the southern sea lion and the northern sea lion, they fought back and forth for more than 50 rounds, and the southern sea lion was defeated. The animals gathered around applauded the northern sea lion. After three or five games, the north sea lion was pushed out of the ring by the eastern sea lion with a slap. In the applause of the animals, the western sea lion also dressed up to fight.
Only the golden lion and little gray lion were left in the ring on the fourth day of the competition. They have been dueling for over a hundred rounds, but it’s still hard to tell the difference. It seems that the champion is going to come between them.
The lion king was very happy to see that the golden lion and the little gray lion were both young, powerful and dignified, and the princess was so pleased that she said to the lion king like a petulant girl: “Father, I think we should choose the golden lion, I like it.”
“Why? Isn’t the result of the competition not yet out?” The lion king said to his daughter.
“Look, it is covered with golden fur. How handsome and elegant it is!”
“But, its palm technique is fierce, and its moves are aimed at the vital points of the little gray lion. This kind of person is too wild, and it will be difficult to become a good husband who knows his heart.”
“But, if it doesn’t make vicious moves, how can it defeat the little gray lion?”
“Son, the real winner, not win in strength, but wisdom. Look at the little gray lion. It is calm and sophisticated in every move, mainly defensive; if it had been more ruthless, it would have been able to surprise the golden-haired lion and knock it out of the ring, but it did not do that.”
In the ring, the golden lion and the little gray lion have been fighting for more than a thousand rounds, but still no winner. Seeing the sun is in the west, the lion king had to order them to stop, said: “I see this then continue, can only be a draw. Let the princess choose herself. Whoever she chooses will be my son-in-law.”
The golden-haired lion and the little gray lion agreed to the lion king’s proposal.
The golden-haired lion wiped the sweat from his face while frequently waving to the princess, conveying his affection to her. The little gray lion first clasped his fist to thank the audience around the ring and then began to sort out a few chairs that had tripped over due to the competition.
“Who exactly are you going to choose, my son?” The Lion King asked his daughter, who was hesitating.
The princess, who had seen everything in the ring, pondered for a long time and said, “I choose the little gray lion!”
Choose a spouse to choose a person’s character.
The ancients once said: “Where the marriage, when the first check the marriage and the woman’s behavior and family law, do not be met with an admiration for their wealth, marriage if virtuous, although now poor, and know that the time is not rich? If you are unworthy, although rich now, how do you know that you will not be poor and unworthy in the future?”
However, in modern society, many people are driven by vanity, only to the other side of the appearance of the beautiful and the other side of the so-called “cool,” “handsome,” on a hasty marriage. The relationship between the couple, if it only relies on looks, is certainly not maintained for a long time. The most beautiful appearance in the clock’s ticking will eventually grow old. If you want to choose a spouse, you want to be picky. Then you should first pick the other person’s character.

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