The Lion King picks his successor – the one with the guts to win the championship.

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After the Lion King became old and frail, he chose an heir as soon as possible.
One day, the Lion King called his three sons to him and said, “In my eyes, you three brothers are the same smart and kind, who can inherit the throne, but the throne can only be passed to one of you, so I decided to let you compete fairly for the throne through a competition, and the winner will be the king.”
All three sons agreed to the Lion King’s decision.
The next day, the Lion King, surrounded by a group of ministers, took his three sons to the edge of a cliff and said.
“My crown is placed at the bottom of this cliff; whoever of you dares to jump from here, the crown will belong to him.”
The three sons were stunned, for their father had admonished them since they were children, to say.
“You must not go to the edge of the cliff to play, in case you accidentally fall, you will definitely fall to pieces!”
“Father, can we change the way we play? If you jump like this, maybe you will lose all your sons.” The lion king’s eldest son knelt on the ground, sweating profusely, and said with trepidation.
“Unbridled!” The Lion King had a few moments of annoyance.
“Father, I voluntarily give up the throne and will not participate in this competition.” The second son finished speaking and collapsed to the ground.
“Ugh!” The lion king looked at the two sons on the ground and could not help but let out a long sigh of disappointment.
“Father, I am willing to jump.” The third son said, towards the lion king kneeled three times, then leaped down the bottomless cliff.
A day later, the lion king’s youngest son returned to the palace with the crown in his hand.
It turns out that on the cliff below, the lion king has long ordered a thick layer of hay; it is only to test the courage of his sons.

The story tells us that cowardice often makes us in the opportunity to come, do not dare to reach out to grab, and miss in vain. To achieve great things, in addition to having the wisdom that ordinary people do not have and courage, they need a little adventure. No guts, you will cringe; no guts, you will not dare to take the pursuit of the footsteps; no guts, the goddess of opportunity will never favor you.

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