The Lion and the Young Man – To Indulge is to Destroy Yourself

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One day, when the lion saw a young man smoking, he went up and asked curiously.
“Sir, I often see you humans smoking this stuff; it has any health benefits?”
“Of course, smoking can refresh the mind and improve efficiency!” The young man said mysteriously.
“Is it really so effective?”
“Yes, haven’t you heard that we humans often say ‘a cigarette after meals is better than a living god’?”
“In that case, can you give me one to try?”
“No problem.” The young man readily gave the lion one and diligently lit the fire for it.
“Ah, it’s so comfortable, or you humans can enjoy it.” After the lion finished, he took out the gold coins he had on him and bought all the cigarettes the young man had on him.
A few days later, the lion finished smoking the cigarettes he bought, he did not want to go back to humans to believe, but the addiction came up, do not feel uncomfortable all over. So, he picked up a few gold coins and again came to where he had met the young man last time. The lion did not hesitate to buy all the cigarettes from the young man.
Later, the lion found that as long as not smoking, it would be uncomfortable, and once a puff; it immediately came to the spirit; it understood that the young man gave it is not smoke but the legendary “heroin”. And at this point, it has been too deep intoxication.
Although the lion several times determined to quit, every time the addiction came up, it said to itself.
“This is the last time, this is the last time.”
However, there was no last time for the lion. When he had another attack of drug addiction and went to look for the young man selling “cigarettes”, he was surrounded by a group of wolves because his limbs were weak and his eyes were dizzy. At this time, the lion had long lost its former prestige, and in just one round, it was killed by the sharp teeth of the wolves.
A single indulgence will lay the root of the trouble in life.

Many people can quickly subdue others, but they can’t stop themselves. Although they know the result of indulgence, they still cannot resist the temptation of the outside world and fall.
When you find yourself in control of your “mind demon”, as long as you have the perseverance, you can use your will to control and destroy it; conversely, if you indulge it, it will kill you. Like the lion in the fable, pamper yourself, but eventually, destroy yourself.

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