The Lion and the Dolphin – Be More Understanding of Your Friends’ Difficulties

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The lion and the dolphin are good friends. Once, the lion fought a duel with an elephant for justice but lost.

The lion ran to the dolphin in anger and scolded him.

“Are we good friends?”

“Of course, I always regard you as my best friend!” The dolphin said sincerely.

“If I am in trouble, will you help me?”

“Of course, if you fight for justice, I will fully support.”

“But yesterday I went to duel with the elephant, the whole animal world knows about it, why don’t you help me?”

“My friend, I do want to help you, but I can only move in the water, I can not do anything on land!”

Everyone has a challenging book to learn to understand others, and do not always blame friends who did not do their best to help themselves. Very often, it is not that a friend is unwilling to help you, but the objective conditions that limit him. Be more considerate of your friends’ difficulties and tolerate them, and you will win more friendship, love and respect.

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