The lion and mosquito war – pride is the root of failure

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The mosquito happened to overhear a human conversation: “Old man, why do you have red and swollen bumps on your body?”
“Don’t mention it, last night by the dreadful mosquito bite.”
“Oh, is the mosquito ah, I’m also afraid of it, but they can not do anything, you killed this one, and then came that one.”
Immediately after, the mosquito heard the human long boo-boo short sigh.
After the mosquito learned that humans feared its bite, it thought it could dominate everything. So it hung a note on its back, written “invincible” four big words, and everywhere to boast that they had entirely defeated the human.
The great lion king learned that the mosquito’s behavior was angry; it decided to dress up in battle personally, and the mosquito was a showdown.
The lion-mosquito battle attracted a lot of spectators; they put the ring surrounded by water. In the ring, we only see the lion king left and right, and scratch and bite. Still, with its sleek body, the mosquito always avoids the lion king’s attack, but from time to time, seizes the opportunity in the lion king’s face without hair place bite. To deal with the mosquito bite, the lion king will change strategy to attack for defense; whenever the mosquito flies to bite it, the lion king will shoot at his face, wanting to hit the mosquito, but each time the mosquito from its paws slipped away, after several rounds, the lion not only did not defeat the mosquito, but their face scratched blood. In desperation, the lion king had to bow down and submit.
“Ha ha, I defeated the lion king, I created a miracle, a miracle that no one else can surpass!” Mosquitoes proudly vibrated wings everywhere to proclaim but did not think head on the spider web; the spider rushed over and bit at the mosquito.
The next day, the “Animal Kingdom Morning News” commented: “mosquitoes defeated the great human, defeated the lion king who dominates the animal kingdom, but lost in the hands of a small spider, which is simply a miracle …….”

Shakespeare said, “A proud man always ends up destroying himself in his pride.” A person who has achieved victory by chance, if he does not know how to be humble and tolerant, the only result waiting for him – is defeat! Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a modest character, whether as a person or an actor, and only by doing things in a low profile can you win the respect of others.

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