The life of two mussels – through the storm to see the rainbow.

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On the beach, two mussels, one large and one small met. The small mussel saw the big mussel looking depressed, and in pain, so he asked, “Man, do you have something unpleasant?”
The big mussel replied, “Alas, don’t mention it, the day before yesterday, I was careless and let a grain of sand run into my body, the rough gravel constantly rubbing my body, that kind of unspeakable pain, simply make me worse than death.”
“My God, you are too careless, look, how you suffer now! I, on the other hand, have always been very careful to never let anything foreign enter the defenses of my hard shell, so I’ve always had a very comfortable time.”
As the two mussels were talking, an elderly turtle passed by the beach and happened to overhear the conversation between the two mussels.
“Friends, do you know what will become of you if sand grains run into your body?” The turtle greeted the two mussels.
“Hey, what else is there but pain?” The little mussel grabbed the words.
“Yes, besides the heart-breaking pain, what else can be new?” The big clam gave the turtle a hard, white look.
“Oh, my friend, I can understand your feelings, at this moment you are suffering for the gravel, but you may not know, at this moment, your body will automatically secrete ‘mother-of-pearl’, they will layer by layer to wrap the rough gravel, a few years later will form the most moving, the most brilliant pearl in the sea .”

Not through the storm, how to see the rainbow, suffering can break you down and make you revive. The famous American writer Lowell once said, “The misfortunes of the world are like a knife, which can be used for us, or cut us. It depends on whether you are holding the blade or the handle.” When in trouble, if you hold the “blade,” you will cut your hand, but if you hold the “handle,” you can use it to cut something. There are methods and techniques to hold the knife’s handle accurately.

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