The life of two mice – not envious of others all the time

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The city mouse and the country mouse were good friends. One day, the country mouse wrote a letter to the city mouse, and the letter read: “Brother city mouse, please come to my house to play when you have time. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the countryside and the fresh air. How would you like to live a leisurely life?”
After receiving the letter, the city mouse was so happy that he immediately set out for the countryside. When he arrived there, the country mouse took a lot of barley and wheat and put them in front of the city mouse. The city mouse said disdainfully, “How can you live in such poverty all the time? How tedious it is to live here with nothing but no shortage of food! Why don’t you come and play at my house? I will treat you well.”
So the country mouse followed the city mouse into the city. When the country mouse saw such a luxurious and clean house, he was envious. He thought of himself in the countryside from morning to night, running on the farmland, barley, and wheat as food, and in winter, he had to collect grain on that cold snow, and in summer, he was even more tired and sweaty compared with the city mouse, he was too unfortunate.
After chatting, they climbed to the table and enjoyed the delicious food. Suddenly, “bang,” the door opened, and someone walked in. They were startled and flew into a hole in the corner.
The country mouse was so frightened that he forgot his hunger, thought for a while, put on his hat, and said to the city mouse: “The peaceful life in the countryside suits me better. Although there are luxurious houses and delicious food here, but every day is nervous, rather than go back to the country to eat wheat to come happy.” After saying that, the country mouse left the city and went back to the country.
This fable makes everyone see mice with different personalities, habits, and ways of life. Even though they all used to be curious about different worlds, they eventually returned to the life they enjoyed. So, don’t envy other people’s lives; what suits you best?

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