The Lead Camel – Life is not without hope

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A group of camels were trekking through the desert, which had been uninhabited for many days, so they were eager to see the greenery at the edge of the desert.
The hot sun was scorching the sand, and the camels were dry-mouthed and without water.
Although camels are the boats of the desert, a prolonged lack of water can still kill them. Water is the source of confidence and confidence for the camels to cross the desert and even the goal of their struggle for survival.
At this point, David, the leading camel, unhooked a bucket of water from his back and said to everyone, “This is the only bucket of water left, we have to wait until the last minute to drink it or we will all die.” As the camel caravan continued their difficult journey, the bucket of water became their only hope. Looking at the heavy bucket of water, each camel had a desire for life in their hearts.
But the weather was so hot that some camels couldn’t hold it any longer, “David, let me have a drink of water.” One camel begged. “No, you can’t drink this water until the hardest time; you can still hold on now.” David, the camel, said angrily. And so David the camel resolutely refused a camel who only wanted water.
At dusk, when it was hard for everyone to hold on, the camels found that David the camel was gone and only the bucket was standing alone in the desert in front of them, with a line written on the sand: “I can’t do it anymore, take this bucket of water with you, and remember that no one can drink this bucket of water until we get out of the desert.
David, the camel, left the only bucket of water for the survival of all of us. Each camel suppressed its great grief and set off. The heavy bucket was passed in each camel’s hand in turn, but no one was willing to open it for a sip because they understood that David the camel had given his life for it.
Finally, step by step, the camels broke free from the death line and stubbornly crossed the vast desert. As they wept joy at surviving, they suddenly thought of the bucket of water that David the camel had left behind. When they opened the lid of the bucket, all that came out slowly was a bucket of sand. It is the hope that drives them forward and the courage that keeps them alive.

Hope is not necessarily a great goal; it can be narrowed down to some small expectations, small hopes, small happiness, and small satisfaction in ordinary life, such as tomorrow will be rain; tomorrow to go to a concert; next week about an old friend for tea; potted flowers on the balcony, about to bloom; tomorrow will wear a new dress, buy an item you want, although in the eyes of others, perhaps all some insignificant small things, However, for individuals, but can bring some pleasure, but also worth the wait, these are the joy of hope. Hope is such ordinary satisfaction, as well as relaxed expectation.

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