The last words of a fly – unearned enjoyment do not last.

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There was a jar of honey in the kitchen that the cook spilled.
A fly, attracted by the aroma, landed on the honey and gorged itself. As a result, its feet got stuck to the pet, and it flapped its wings desperately to struggle to fly, but it didn’t expect its wings to touch the love and get stuck too.
“Alas, I was so foolish to bury my life for a mouthful of honey.” The fly left his last words when he breathed his last.
Trying to get enjoyment without giving or digging in to take advantage of others is such fun, and getting it will cost you dearly. The last words of the fly can also be used as a warning word for human beings. Remember it, and you won’t care about everything for the sake of the fly, and the downfall of others won’t catch you reaching out when you shouldn’t.

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