The kite and its owner – arrogance is a sign of incompetence.

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One day, the master took the kite to the countryside and let it rise slowly with the wind.
The kite looked at the white clouds in the sky and thought excitedly, “If I can rise a little higher, won’t I be on a par with them?”
So the kite started to fly upward desperately, but it suddenly felt that something was pulling it down, and it couldn’t go up anymore. The kite looked down and saw that its master was no longer pulling the string in his hand.
The kite was very angry, so it shouted at the master.
“Why are you pulling me? If you loosen the string some more, I can fly higher.”
“No, for your safety, I can’t let go of the line any more, now you have flown high enough.” The master replied from below.
“Humph, I will fly upwards!” When the kite finished speaking, it struggled desperately to fly upward. The line suddenly broke when it shook its wings violently in the air due to excessive force. The kite swayed in the air and tumbled to the ground after a big heel.
At that time, a strong wind blew, and the kite was blown into a river, by which time it was already bruised and battered and could never fly into the sky again.
Without measuring its strength, the kite was blindly arrogant and did not listen to the advice of others, but it kept on flying high and finally fell to the ground. If a kite is like this, how can a person not be like this?

In this world, there is never an arrogant person who can leave reality behind to realize his ambition. Thus, the stupid things you do will only end up hurting yourself. When someone sends you a kind reminder, don’t reject it; know that it cares for you, loves you, does not restricts you, and will keep you well and safe all the way!

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