The Journey of Two Green Beans – Stress Makes You Stronger

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Two green beans were lying in a warehouse talking.
“Hey, old man, I heard that the owner is going to sell us to a bean sprout processing plant in a couple of days.” Mung bean A said to Mung bean B.
“Alas, I was worried about this, old brother, what kind of fate do you think will await us?” Mung Bean B finished, looking listless.
“I heard that there are two bean sprout processing plants, but the environment is absolutely different, one is to press us under the boulder, so that we sprout and grow; the other is placed directly on the ground, without any pressure.”
“Then I will choose the processing plant without pressure.” B mung bean gloated over his idea.
The owner of the bean sprout processing plant came, and the owner sold the two mung beans he was chatting with to this owner along with the rest of his partners.
During the weighing, B mung bean learned from the conversation between the owner of the processing plant and the owner that the processing plant would go, using the method of forcing the mung bean sprouts to grow by pressing stones on the ground. Hence, it found an opportunity to sneak out of the basket and hide in the corner. It stole joy in its heart when it saw A mung bean and its companions being taken away by the owner of the processing plant.
The next day, when the owner cleaned the warehouse, he found this green bean, picked it up, and threw it into another basket of green beans. Later this mung bean, along with other companions, was sold to another factory that processed bean sprouts.
By chance, the two old friends met at a vegetable stall, only now they both grew from mung beans to mung bean sprouts.
“Hey, old buddy, are you malnourished? Why are you growing thin, yellow and long?” A mung bean sprout asked with concern.
“Where, our boss spread us out on the ground and left us alone, we have no pressure, free to grow, not to mention how nourishing that life is. Look at you, growing big, fat and white, you must have been added by a boulder.”
“Yes, we were pressed under a bulky boulder by our master, and in order to grow, we just had to fight twice as hard and break the ground with difficulty, so we grew as strong as we are now.”
“Yo, it’s not worth it to suffer so much,” B bean sprout was about to say something when he heard a person who came to buy vegetables say, “This bean sprout is thin, long and yellow, it must not have been grown under pressure, not many people like such a bean sprout.” After that, the man gently picked up the bean sprout with two fingers and was thrown to the ground, followed by a footstep from a passerby.
And the nail bean sprout and its companions, which had grown through the pressure of the boulder, were bought by the man and used to entertain the most honored guests.

In life, there is hardly anyone who does not suffer from pressure. This pressure comes from family, work, and interpersonal interactions, but no matter which one, it will disrupt our life order and make our body and mind not get a good rest. However, we can make stress work if we look at things differently and convert stress into motivation. In this way, we will understand: having pressure is not necessarily a bad thing, and while breaking through it, we can stand out and be strong people in life if we fight twice as hard.

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