The Inuit and the Wolf – Don’t be led by greed

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In the cold Arctic ice field, an Inuit cut a hole in the hard ice, then buried the handle of a sharp knife he carried into the hole, let the blade show the spot, applied a layer of blood on the edge, and finally buried the knife with ice.

In a short time, the cold weather froze the small snow pile into an ice lump. The Inuit looked at the ice lump with satisfaction, sprinkled a little snow on it, and then turned around and went home.

Shortly after the Inuit left, a hungry wolf smelled the smell of blood, and it soon found the ice lump. The wolf thought that the ice lump was a small animal that died of injuries, so it did not hesitate to lick the blood on the ice pile with its tongue, hoping to lick the ice pile open to dig out the food buried inside. In a short while, the wolf licked the tip of the knife, but at that time, its tongue was numbed by the ice because it had licked it. It had no sense, but the wolf’s sense of smell was not disturbed, and the smell of blood it smelled was getting stronger and stronger, and the wolf was so ecstatic that it thought the delicious food was coming to its mouth, so it licked the ice faster and faster.

The hungry wolf’s tongue licked around on the tip of the knife, its blood flowed more and more, and the smell of blood stimulated it to lick down more and more frantically. Finally, the wolf, who had lost too much blood, fell into the ice and snow, and just as it was dying, the Inuit came to the wolf’s side.

“You are so cruel and despicable! How dare you use such nasty means to deal with me.” The hungry wolf struggled and said to the Inuit with his last strength.

“No, it’s not that I am cruel, but you are too stupid, and you died under your own greed.” The Inuit finished and threw the wolf, who had his last breath left, onto the sledge pulled by the dog.

Greed is a “tumor” attached to the human soul. People who do not know how to be satisfied only think about how to have more, but they do not believe that they will lose while gaining. If you don’t know how to restrain yourself in front of the benefits but ask for what you want, you will eventually pay a heavy price for your greed. Remember: don’t be led by greed because the less you desire, the happier your life will be and the more peaceful your heart will be.

The old saying goes, “Do not think of love for things outside your body.” But in life, some people still have too many desires, so much so that they are never satisfied with material things and form a kind of spiritual poverty. Greed is a “bitter fruit”, and whoever picks it will be punished.

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