The infatuation of Daphnis – the unfeeling will be punished in the end.

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Once upon a time, a beautiful young girl named Anlethimadur was proud and withdrawn. She liked to walk alone in the forest and dance on the green grass; she was capricious and did not know what to respect; she was beautiful but ruthless. However, some young people love her, and even think that she is a beauty when she loses her temper.

Daphnis, a noble-born, handsome young rancher, fell in love with this cold beauty. Unfortunately, the heartless beauty is not interested in him in the slightest, the rancher can not get her love. This unrequited love can not extricate himself from his heart, exhaustion, all thoughts. In desperation, the rancher came to the doorstep of the cold, heartless girl. At this point, he could only pour out his misfortune to the wind alone. Because the hard-hearted girl did not allow him to enter the door. This is a beautiful house, the girl and her girlfriends are celebrating her birthday, and she uses all kinds of flowers to dress herself up bright and beautiful.

In desperation, the rancher had to shout fiercely outside the door: “I’m going to die in front of you, I know you hate me in particular, I’m not surprised at what you do, you do not care about my death to relieve the pain of the move. I have entrusted my father to dedicate to you, after my death, an inheritance that is not valued by you, it includes my pasture, my flock and my sheepdogs. The rest of the money I will entrust to my friends to build a sanctuary in which your statue will be enshrined, with flowers on the altar in all seasons. Next to this shrine, a very simple monument will be erected in my honor, with an inscription that reads: ‘Daphnis died for love, stop and shed a tear of compassion for him, all those who pass by. He died for the cold and heartless Anlethimadur.'” As he spoke, he felt the god of death approaching him, and he wanted to say more, but the god of death had already seized his throat, and he fell.

At that moment, the ruthless girl in gorgeous clothes came out of the house in a glowing manner, and people wanted her to stop and shed tears of sympathy for the martyrdom of the man who loved her so much, but the girl was expressionless, she despised the rancher at all.

That night, when she and her girlfriend danced joyfully around the statue of the god of love, she saw the figure suddenly collapse and crush the girl underneath. The god left a message when he left: “From now on, people should love each other, and people who are heartless will no longer exist.”

The importance of love and righteousness is the treasure of the world and is the prerequisite for you to win the goodwill of others. A heartless person is not well-liked and will not gain the lasting love of others. Like the heartless Anlethimadur, he will eventually be punished.

If you do not like a person but also politely refuse, if it is to deny a person’s love, then be more organized, do not ignore, cold-eyed so that you will hurt in hurting the self-esteem of others, you will also be damaged.

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