The impatient frog – doesn’t choose to give up so easily.

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Dora, the frog, is a master swimmer in the animal kingdom. It has defeated many rivals and has been the swimming champion for three consecutive terms. This time, Frog Huanhuan wanted to create another miracle in the animal world: to cross the Ocean Sea (the largest ocean in the animal kingdom).
On this day, after the animals’ ceremony of crossing the Ocean Sea, Huanhuan the frog leaped into the ocean. Behind it is the sea turtle and water snake doctors and another rescue team ride in a small boat made of oak bark; if there is any accident, it can be a timely rescue of the frog Huanhuan.
Frog Huanhuan has been swimming in the seawater for three days and nights. When it swam as hard as it could near the coast, the lips were frozen purple, the body in the sea a chill; frog Huanhuan was tired and thirsty and hungry. The fog was so thick that it could not see the coast in the distance, and it was difficult to identify the dinghy following it in the mist. The frog felt it could not hold on and lost confidence in swimming to the other side, so it asked its friends in the dinghy, “Drag me up!”
The friends told the frog that there was only one more nautical mile to go and urged it to hold on a little longer and not to give in to defeat! The frog lifted its head, but the fog was in front of it. It could not see the shore which was close at hand. The frog suspected that its friends were lying to it. So, it once again pleaded with its friends: “Drag me up!”
With great regret, the friends had to drag Huanhuan, the frog, into the boat.
A few days later, Huanhuan the frog told Mouse Boy, the most authoritative reporter of the Animal Kingdom Morning News: If it could see the coast at that time, it would have been able to swim to the end. The thick fog weakened its determination to win the final victory.
Six months later, the frog Huanhuan once again launched an attack on the ocean coast. This time, the frog Huanhuan insisted on swimming hard to the beach in the fog. Because it knows that the land is in front of itself, persevere, you will be able to swim to the coast; the victory will eventually belong to them.
In life, some people are successful because they have the stamina that ordinary people cannot have, and they can persevere in everything.

Jack Ma, the founder, and chief operating officer of Alibaba Group, revealed the secret of Alibaba and his success: dreaming, learning, and persistence. About persistence, Jack Ma said: “Many people are smarter than us, many people work harder than us, why we succeed, we have the wealth, while others do not? An important reason is that we have persisted.” He also laughed and said that sometimes silly persistence is much better than no persistence. Many times, the reason why the god of luck passes us by is that we forget the word “persistence” and rashly choose to “give up.

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