The ignorant goat – don’t sell your smarts.

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The goat was the first person in the animal kingdom to receive a medical doctorate. Therefore, it was highly respected by the Lion King. Whenever a significant event occurs in the animal kingdom, the lion king invites the goat to seek its advice. As time passed, the goat forgot its identity and wished to give advice on everything.

Once, when the goat saw that the bunny’s eyes were red, he took the initiative to collect some herbs and sent them to the bunny’s house, saying that the herbs were specifically for red eyes. The little rabbit refused and said his eyes were naturally red, not a disease.

“How is it not a disease? Since you were born with it, it means that your family has a history of red eyes… My God, this is a great discovery in the history of medicine!” The goat exclaimed.

“Please leave, we don’t like you talking nonsense here.” The goat had to take his herbs and leave resentfully because the bunny had given an expulsion order.

The best way to satisfy your vanity is to be modest, not to show off. Even if you are already entirely sure of something, act a little uncertain; if you want to convince others, then tell your point of view, not proclaim your opinion. Your learning is like your pocket watch; it is in your private pocket, don’t show it off; just let others know you have it, don’t be like the watch seller; no one asked the time also, go around to proclaim what time it is.

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