The Hunter and the Little Bird – Don’t Ignore the Pursuit

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The hunter caught an unknown bird on the mountain, and just as he was about to sell the bird in the marketplace with his rosette on his back, the bird began to speak.
“Dear hunter, please let me go and I will help you to fulfill all your wishes.”
“Oh, so you are a talking bird of God.” The hunter was busy untying the net and helping the bird to straighten out the soiled feathers on its body.
“You are really a kind hunter, please tell me what your wish is.” The little bird said gratefully.
“I have been hunting for a living, my family is very poor, this year is almost thirty years old, but have not yet married a wife.” The hunter rubbed his stubby hands, a little embarrassed.
“I understand. Please close your eyes for one minute, then open them, and a beautiful girl will come to you.”
“That is, if I close my eyes for a minute and open them, there will be a daughter-in-law?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“However, I still want to go out hunting every day to earn money and secretly date the girl at night without her parents’ knowledge. I would hold her hand and walk under the moon and talk among the flowers. If such a moment to have a daughter-in-law, then these romantic and affectionate process no longer belong to me. I don’t want to easily get a wife without the process of pursuit, without the experience of a heartfelt relationship.” Hunter said.
“Then do you have any other wish?” The little bird asked.
“I want to have a tiled house.” The hunter pondered for a moment and then said.
“Okay, you go home now, your straw hut will immediately become a bright and spacious tile house.”
“I will immediately have a tiled house?” The hunter’s eyes widened. “Yes, that’s it.” The little bird nodded affirmatively.
“No, no, I still want to build my own tiled house by hand, brick by brick, by my own labor. Because, in building the house, I am sure that I will be in a happy mood and will live in it in the future.”
“You care so much about the process of pursuit, and refuse to enjoy the ready-made results, I’m afraid I can not help you much.” Birdie said with some regret.
“However, I think that only by savoring the process can I cherish what I have. You go away, I don’t want to get those things that only have the result, and simplify the process.” The hunter waved his hand at the bird and turned back to the mountain to go hunting again.

The process of pursuit is a giving and an unparalleled beauty. Unfortunately, many people only focus on the results but ignore the process and do not know that the process also has a wonderful and worthy taste.

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