The heron who only wants poise – to be poised, more should be warm.

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By the river, crows said enviously to a heron, “You have long, slender legs, how beautiful you look!” When the heron heard this, he was very proud of himself. So, wherever she went, she deliberately showed her long legs to gain people’s admiration and admiration.
When winter came, the heron’s mother saw that her daughter still had her long legs bare and said sternly, “Put on your coat, or you will freeze.”
“No, mother, people say I have beautiful, long, slender legs like the angels, and it is these legs that make me look noble and graceful. If I put on my coat, then who can see my legs? I would rather suffer a little cold and freezing than maintain this elegance and this poise!”
Later, the heron suddenly disappeared in front of people and became lame, supposedly because it had severe rheumatism. With one leg lame, it felt it no longer had the poise it used to have, so it shut itself up in its home and never came out to see anyone again.
Poise is indeed important, but without health, how can poise be talked about? Therefore, health is a prerequisite for peace; with a healthy body, you will have the capital and the opportunity to show your vacation to others.

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