The happy goat – live a simple life, and life will be more pleased.

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In the animal kingdom, when people saw that the goat was always happy, they asked it why.
The goat said, “Because I am the richest person and I have endless wealth.”
When the lion king knew about this, he ordered the tax officer, the golden monkey, to investigate the goat. If the goat had evaded taxes, it would be severely punished.
When the golden monkey found the goat working in the vegetable garden, he asked, “How much property do you have?”
“I have a healthy body.”
“What other possessions do you have besides good health?”
“I also have a kind wife.” And besides that?”
“There are also several dutiful, intelligent, and healthy children.” The old goat chirped.
“In addition to that, how much do you have in savings? How many jewels? How many properties?” The golden monkey asked impatiently.
“I don’t have anything except all that I have in front of me.” The goat finished and laughed happily again.
You must wonder, are those things that the goat refers to worth money in this world? Yes, it is indeed these – and these, you do not have to pay taxes!

The least “valuable” is often money because money can not buy happiness, health, and family harmony. Live a simpler, more simple life will be happier. As the American writer Lisa In-Planet pointed out: “When you use a new vision to observe life, life, you will find that many simple things are the most beautiful, and many beautiful things are those most simple things.”

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