The Greedy Hunter – Don’t Take Others’ Advice for Granted

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The hunter caught a strange-looking bird and thought, “If I take this bird to the market and sell it, I’m sure I can get a good price.”

“Dear sir, if you let me go, I will repay you.” The bird pleaded with the hunter.

“Haha, so you can still talk, then I will not let you go, talking bird will be able to sell for a big price.” The hunter was ecstatic.

“If you let me go, I will take you to a hidden treasure cave that is filled with coins that you humans like.”

“Ah, you are a remarkable bird of God, even you know the nickname of money, but what makes you make me believe your words?”
“Look, I have the key to open the door of that cave hanging around my neck.”

The hunter ripped off that key and came to the cave under the guidance of the sacred bird. After opening the cave door, the hunter was stunned, the cave was full of coins, just stored for too long, and the cords through the money had rotted away. The hunter bent down and desperately tried to fill his pockets with coins.

“Sir, I have to give you a piece of advice: these money you can fill your pockets without limit, but you must go down before the sun sets, otherwise, you will turn into stone together with these coins.” After saying that, the sacred bird flew away.

Seeing the coins long red-eyed hunter where the bird’s advice on the heart, he desperately filled a pocket full of cash before leaving the cave. The hunter carried the purse on the mountain road because the bag was too heavy; the sun was almost down the mountain, and he was still halfway up the hill, struggling to walk. Soon, the last glimpse of the sunset disappeared, and the hunter turned into a big rock with the coins he was carrying.

The old ancestors were much wiser than my generation. When the money was first made, a four-sided hole was left in the center of the coin, suggesting to future generations that whoever was greedy for money would fall into that hole. The spot is the well; think about the people who fell into the well; how many have a good end? Unfortunately, some people will be “reckless” when they see the benefits; they will lose their minds and even take the advice or reminders of others to a deaf ear, and the results are often sent to death.

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