The goat’s family meeting – Family meetings have many benefits.

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At the end of another month, the goat took out the family meeting minutes book, sat on the couch with his wife, and began the monthly family meeting between them.
“Honey, are you satisfied with my performance this month?” The goat asked his wife sincerely.
“Well, very satisfied,…… just when you come home from work in the future, take a shower as soon as possible, okay? You probably have a very strong odor this month because of the heat and the cramped car.”Well, okay, thanks for the reminder!” The goat wrote “bathe regularly” in the minutes’ book.
“Also, I’ve been having an unexplained irritability in my heart for a while now, and I don’t know what it is.” Mrs. Goat spoke again.
“I think it’s the pressure of work. I’ve been working overtime a lot, and I don’t have much time to spend with you. How about this, next Sunday, let’s go on an outing, okay?”
“Thank you, your suggestion is great!” Mrs. Goat said happily.
You may not think it’s a good idea to have a family meeting, and you may think it’s superfluous. But it is necessary to have family meetings often. Family meetings allow you to share your successes and failures with your family, and frankly, no one will laugh at you for your losses or envy you for your accomplishments; they have a healing effect on the soul, and amid your busy schedule, you may have a hard time sitting down with your family to share and listen to each other; they also allow you to vent your emotions and remind you to share your life with the people you love.
Although the family meeting will not make your life perfect, it strengthens family cohesion. Whether there are two or ten people in your family, you might want to try it. It will be rewarding for you.

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