The goat without self-awareness – how to assess yourself correctly

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In the morning, a goat wandered outside the fence. It wanted to eat the greens inside the wall but could not enter. In between hesitations, it saw its own shadow, which trailed prolonged because the sun was shining obliquely.
“Ha ha, I am so tall that I must be able to eat the fruit of the tree, so what does it matter if I don’t eat the greens?” It said to itself.
So the goat ran to an orchard very far away. Before it reached the orchard, it was noon, and the sun was shining overhead.
At that moment, the goat’s shadow became a tiny ball. When the goat saw this, it said, “Alas, I am so short that I cannot eat the fruit of the trees, so I should go back and eat the greens.” It said to itself, and after a moment, it said with great confidence, “With my figure, there is no problem to get into the fence.”
So, the goat ran back again. When he reached the fence, the sun was already in the west, and his shadow became long and long again.
“Hey! Why should I come back?” The goat was surprised, “With my height, it’s no trouble at all to eat the fruit from the tree!”
The goat went back, and so it was until darkness fell, and the goat was still hungry.

The goat in this fable, precisely because it does not know itself, so it can only end up starving.
In real life, there are many people who fail and suffer because they cannot know themselves properly. In fact, no one can excel in all aspects of life. If we overestimate or underestimate our own strengths, then the degree of harm we suffer from poor decisions increases.
The best way to get to know yourself is to stand aside and assess yourself as a stranger. Next, conduct a self-examination as objectively as possible to assess your abilities and recognize your weaknesses.

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