The goat who likes to read – a useful hobby that can relieve sickness.

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To win the triennial scholarship of the animal kingdom, the goat spent his days writing books to make the lion king appreciate the “beautiful article.”
One day, when the goat wrote a very pleased with the article, but because of weakness and being bedridden. The family rushed to bring in a hippo doctor to treat it. When Dr. Hippo knew that the goat was sick because of the article, he did not run to cut the pulse and ask for a diagnosis but picked up the goat’s piece of success and read it with a shake.
When the goat lying on the hospital bed heard the hippo doctor read his masterpiece in pieces and upside down, very angry, they defied the family members, rolled out of bed, grabbed the manuscript from the hands of the hippo doctor, read aloud to correct the hippo doctor’s mistakes, and at the same time show their talent.
Surprisingly, after reading it once, the goat felt refreshed, and the pain in his body disappeared. So, the goat spent a certain amount of time reading the article aloud every day and gradually recovered.
This story soon spread throughout the animal kingdom; many animals must follow suit. Especially the tortoise must read some excellent articles every day, surprisingly lived more than a thousand years.
The ancients once said, “A clear chant can heal a disease.” When you read aloud some beautiful articles, the beautiful mood in the article can bring you to a relaxed and happy realm; the patient will forget all the pain and worries, feel comfortable and content, and the disease will quietly slip away to achieve the fitness purpose of disease prevention and treatment.
Of course, not all diseases can be eliminated by chanting, but more than one useful hobby will be an interest, more than one health.

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