The goat that does good things indiscriminately – Never shows compassion.

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The goat was drinking at the pond when he noticed an eagle flying overhead with a snake in its mouth. The goat suddenly “bleated” and shouted, and the eagle, frightened, released its claws and threw down the snake. The snake fell into the pond, and it was saved.

Just as the old goat turned to go home after drinking the water, it found that the snake, which it had just saved, was grabbing a frog and preparing to swallow it alive.

“Please let go of the frog, it is good for humans.” The goat roared to the snake.

“Let it go, I will die of hunger, it is also good for me!” The snake finished and swallowed the frog in one bite.

“You bad egg, I should not have saved you just now!” The goat scolded the shore but could not do anything about the snake in the water.

The snake no longer cared about it, just swimming freely in the water, and began to look for the next target.

You can’t be a human without compassion, but you must be careful in giving compassion. Otherwise, because of the chaos of compassion and saving evil, you will be like a goat, so your goodness harmed the good. When others are in trouble, you must understand the reason for the matter to confirm that the other party is worthy of your help but also really need help; you are not too late to help.

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