The Generous Goat – Eat once, gain a virtue.

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When autumn arrived, the lion king divided the animals’ corn harvest into several small piles and let them choose freely from a bank.

“You’re so stupid, why didn’t you just go up and grab it. Look, you now this pile of corn is small and bitten by insects, no one wants it.” The deer, who has always been excellent friends with the goat, said to the goat.

“It doesn’t matter if the corn is small, I’ll throw away the bug bites.” The goat said with a smile.

After a few days, the lion king called on everyone to collect firewood together, ready for winter heating. In the evening, when the lion king counted the firewood, he found that in addition to the goat carrying a bundle of large and sound, each of the other animals only picked up a few dead twigs, and even more, the fox said his stomach pain, simply did not come to participate in the labour.

“Hey, why are you so unenlightened!” The board said to the goat, “You went to a lot of trouble to collect a large bundle of firewood, but the Lion King did not praise you for it. We only collected a few sticks, but we were not criticized by the Lion King?”

“But, if we all collect so little, then what to use to warm up in winter?” The goat said with concern.

“It is freezing is also everyone suffer together, not you alone ah!” The little elephant also said on the side.

After the first heavy snowfall, the lion king called everyone to go out again to clear the snow. But except for the goat who was waving the broom at the entrance of the cave, the other animals either did not go out for the reason that their eyes were afraid of being stabbed by the snow or said that they had back pain and could not go down to the ground at all.

When the goat swept to the entrance of the wolf’s cave, the wolf said to it through the doorway, “You big fool! The lion king will not pass the throne to you even if you work hard!”

“I didn’t labor for the throne.” The goat said and silently went to sweep the snow in front of the tiger’s cave entrance.

“You, just honest, it is always you who suffer!” The tiger opened the window towards the goat, bending down and straining to sweep the snow and said.

“But I don’t think I’m at a disadvantage when I’m out plowing snow alone! On the contrary, I feel very happy!” The goat said and continued to sweep forward.

The following spring, the lion king became seriously ill. Before he died, he summoned the goat to his palace and put the crown on the goat’s head in front of all the ministers and other animals.

“To suffer is bliss” is not a Q-style spiritual masturbation but a concrete expression of noble character. But many people are “only sweeping their own door snow, regardless of others on the frost”, no matter what aspects, are only thinking of themselves, unwilling to facilitate with others.

The ancients said: “The path is narrow, leave a step with people walking; taste strong, reduce three points to let people eat.” If you have such a mind, you can achieve something great. If you want to take advantage of everything, you will lose everything.

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